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What Are The Things That Verrier Elwin Loves About Assam?

Verrier Elwin was an English anthropologist and historian who spent a significant part of his life in India, including Assam. He was known for his love for the people and culture of Assam and his contributions to the preservation of their art, music, and folklore.

What Are The Things That Verrier Elwin Loves About Assam

Some of the things that Verrier Elwin loved about Assam are:

The Natural Beauty: Verrier Elwin was deeply enamored by the natural beauty of Assam, with its lush green forests, rolling hills, and pristine rivers. He spent a considerable amount of time exploring the state’s natural landscapes, documenting the flora and fauna, and learning about the different tribal communities that inhabited the region.

The Tribal Culture: Verrier Elwin was deeply interested in the culture of the tribal communities of Assam, such as the Bodos, Mising, Karbi, and Dimasa. He was fascinated by their art, music, folklore, and customs, and worked tirelessly to document and preserve these traditions for future generations.

The People: Verrier Elwin was known for his deep love and affection for the people of Assam, whom he considered to be warm, hospitable, and incredibly talented. He was deeply committed to improving their lives and worked tirelessly to promote their rights and interests.

The Food: Verrier Elwin was also a great lover of Assamese cuisine, which he considered to be one of the most flavorful and delicious in India. He enjoyed dishes such as fish curries, bamboo shoot pickles, and pithas, which are traditional Assamese sweets.

In summary, Verrier Elwin loved Assam for its natural beauty, tribal culture, people, and cuisine. He dedicated his life to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the state, and his contributions are still remembered and celebrated today.

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