Amanda Question Answer SEBA Class 10 Assam

Here we discuss the question answers to the Class 10 English Lesson “Amanda Question Answer SEBA”. English questions and answers of Seba Class 10 are available here. This HSLC english question answers of the previous year will give students a clear insight into the exam paper pattern and can focus only on important questions.

Amanda Question Answer SEBA

Q. How do you know that Amanda was a teenager? (H.S.L.C.-15)
How old, do you think Amanda is? How do you know this? (H.S.L.C.-16)
Ans. Amanda is a school going girl. From her activities it seems that she is a teenager. Amanda likes biting nails. The fact that she has acne on her face also support spola the idea that Amanda is a teenager. She belongs to the age group of thirteen to nineteen years.

Q. Who do you think is speaking to her?
Ans. I think the poet of the poem is speaking to her.

Q. What could Amanda do if she were a mermaid? (H.S.L.C.-15)
Ans. If Amanda were a mermaid she could live a life freely in the sea. She could live a blissful life. She would be the sole inhabitant there.

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Amanda Question Answer SEBA Class 10 Assam

Q. Is Amanda an orphan? Why does she sayso?
Ans. In fact, Amanda is not an orphan. She imagines herself as orphan because she is wandering like an orphan in the street.

Q: Is Amanda a student? How do you know? (H.S.L.C.-16/17)
How old do you think Amanda is? How do you know this?
Ans: Amanda is a school going teenager. As a teenager, Amanda is asked to do her homework, tidy her room and clean her shoes on her own. Moreover the acne that she is suffering from is commonly found in teenager. Hence, I know that Amanda is in her teens.

Q. Do you know the story Rapunzel? Why does she want to be Rapunzel?
Ans. Yes. Rapunzel was a princess, held captive by a witch in a tower. The princess had long hair. The witch wanted to use that hair to climb up the tower. Amanda thought that life in a tower is tranquil and rare. Amanda wanted to lead a peaceful life. So, she wanted to be Rapunzel. In that case, there would be nobody to disturb her.

Q. Why does Amanda want to be Rapunzel?
Ans. Amanda wanted to be Rapunzel so that he would live peacefully all alone in a tall tower where there would be no one to disturb her

Q: Where does Amada roam? What does she do with her bare feet? (H.S.L.C.-18)
Ans: Amada roams in the street. She leaves patterns of her bare feet on the soft dust.

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