Assamese Parthona Lyrics – নামঘোষাৰ প্রার্থনা সমূহ

Assamese Parthona Lyrics

Assamese Prayer songs (Assamese Parthona) are a unique feature of assamese society.The Prayers ( god song)of The Nameghosha, composed by Madhavdeva, have been prevalent in Assamese Society for a long time. People from different parts of the world show their devotion to God through Song. This devotional foundation is based on prayer, which even an inexperienced devotee can feel his closeness to God.

There are a lot of people who want to read the prayers through the Internet. So we are trying to provide Assamese god song on this page

List of Assamese Parthona

More About Assamese Parthona

The Prayer (প্রার্থনা) of Assamese Religion culture is very important. these prayers are singed without any musical instruments. These Assamese parthona mainly express the thoughts of sri krishna bhakti.