Bhumiputra Certificate Download and Check Status – Complete Guide 2023

If you’re an indigenous resident of Assam and have applied for the Bhumiputra Certificate, you might be wondering how to download it and check the status of your application. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of downloading the Bhumiputra Certificate and checking your application status.

Bhumiputra Certificate Download

Name of CertificateBhumiputra Certificate
Issued byGovernment Assam
Download ProcessOnline
Certificate file formatpdf
File size230 kb
Maximum time30 days

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About Bhumiputra Certificate Download

The Bhumiputra Certificate, also known as the caste certificate, is a crucial document that can be applied for and obtained online. It is necessary for various purposes, including applying for land and garden-related schemes on the Mission Basundhara portal in Assam. This article aims to provide easy-to-follow instructions to help individuals download the certificate and resolve any related issues they may face.

Configuring Browser Settings for Downloading Bhumiputra Certificate.

To download your Bhumiputra Certificate, you must first configure your mobile or computer web browser settings.

Steps to Resolve Issues with Downloading Bhumiputra Certificate.

Mozilla Firefox: Disabling the SSL 3.0 Protocol

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Open Firefox and type “about:config” in the address bar. Press Enter.

If prompted with a warning message, click the “I accept the risk!” button.

In the search bar, type “security.tls.version.min” and press Enter.

Double-click on the “security.tls.version.min” preference name to modify its value.

Change the value type 1 to make TLS 1.0 the minimum required protocol version, and then click OK.

Close the “about:config” tab and restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.

You have successfully disabled the SSL 3.0 protocol in your Firefox browser

How to Download Bhumiputra Certificate?

Here are the steps to download Bhumiputra Certificate:

Scroll down, and check the important link section

Click on the “Download Certificate” option

Enter your application number and click on the “Search” button.

Your Bhumiputra Certificate will appear on the screen.

Click on the “Download” button to save it to your device.

Take a printout of the certificate for future reference.

How to Check Bhumiputra Certificate Application Status?

Scroll down, and check the important link section

look on the “Bhumiputra Certificate Status” Link

look on the “Bhumiputra Certificate Status” Link

Click on the “Check Status” option.

Enter your application number and click on the “Search” button.

The status of your Bhumiputra Certificate application will appear on the screen

If your application is approved, you can proceed to download the certificate as mentioned above

Important Link of Caste certificate download Assam

Bhumiputra Certificate DownloadClick Here
Bhumiputra Certificate StatusClick Here
Apply Bhumiputra CertificateClick Here

In conclusion of Caste certificate download Assam

In conclusion, downloading the Bhumiputra Certificate is a straightforward process, and checking the status of your application is equally simple. Make sure you have your application number handy, and follow the above steps to download your certificate or check your application status. We hope this post has been helpful to you in obtaining your Bhumiputra Certificate.


Q: Is the Bhumiputra certificate in Assam the same as the caste certificate?

Answer: Yes, bhumiputra certificate also known as caste certificate in Assam

Q: Can I check the status of my Bhumiputra certificate online?

A: Yes, To check the status of your Bhumiputra certificate online, you need to visit on this post or the official website and enter your application or certificate number along with the other required details. Once you have submitted the necessary information, you can check the status of your certificate.

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