Air Traffic Controller in India – Admission and Career Details

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about becoming an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in India.

What is an Air Traffic Controller?

Air Traffic Controllers are the guardians of the skies. They are responsible for the safe and efficient flow of air traffic by remotely monitoring and directing the movements of aircraft. Their job is crucial in preventing collisions and minimizing delays.

Air Traffic Controller in India

Are you a good fit?

  • Do you have excellent communication skills to give clear instructions?
  • Are you a team player who thrives in a collaborative environment?
  • Do you possess a keen eye for detail and the ability to stay focused?
  • Are you interested in science and mathematics?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then a career as an Air Traffic Controller could be your perfect match!

How much does it cost?

The cost of an undergraduate engineering degree (preferred fields include Computer Science, Telecommunication, Electrical, Electronic, or Radio Engineering) can vary depending on the institute you choose. Expect to pay somewhere between ₹2,00,000 and ₹10,00,000.

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How can I afford it?

There are several ways to finance your education:

  • Scholarships: Explore options like the Merit-cum-Means based Scholarship, Indian Oil Educational Scholarship, Ishan Uday Special Scholarship Scheme, and more. You can also search the National Scholarship Portal ( and Buddy4study ( Some institutes offer merit-based scholarships too.
  • Loans: VidyaLakshmi ( can help you find education loans. Some states offer student credit cards with low interest rates.

What education do I need?

  1. Complete 10+2 in Science stream
  2. Earn a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (preferably in Computer Science, Telecommunication, Electrical, Electronic, or Radio Engineering)

Entrance Exam: After completing your degree, you must qualify for the Civil ATC Test conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of India (AAI).

Where will you work?

Air Traffic Controllers typically work in air traffic control centers and control towers located at airports.

Work Environment: The job often involves shift work, with hours spread out over days, nights, weekends, and public holidays. Air traffic control operates 24/7, and someone needs to be on duty at all times.

How much can I earn? (Expected Income section)

Career Growth Path:

You can progress through your career like this:

Trainee Assistant Air Traffic Controller → Air Traffic Controller → Air Traffic Controller Specialist

Where will you study?

You can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from any recognized UGC/AICTE-approved college in India. The specific engineering field (e.g., Computer Science, Telecommunication) might be specified by the AAI during the application process, so check their requirements carefully.

Inspired by Excellence:

Shyamli Haldar, the first woman Air Traffic Controller to head an ATC center in India, is a role model for aspiring ATCs. Her story showcases the opportunities available in this field.

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